Structured interviews
made easy

Kodiak puts interview guides, answer scoring, and real-time coaching right inside your interviews to optimize candidate experience and ensure your process is effective and inclusive.

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Do you know what’s happening in your interviews?

Interviews are the most important part of the hiring process, but they’re the hardest to get right. Strong structured interviewing practices help make better, less biased hiring decisions..

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    Ensure structure

    Make your interviews more thoughtful, consistent, and effective.

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    Unprecedented collaboration

    Forget sharing notes. Record and transcribe interviews to make them shareable and searchable.

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    Evidence-based decisions

    Don’t rely on notes and recollection. Use real evidence to make hiring decisions faster.

Better soft skills evaluation

Target job-specific

Bring your own interview guides or use our library of behavioral and situational questions mapped to job-specific competencies.

Initiative, Resilience...Critical Thinking, Creativity...Communication, Teamwork...Leadership, Management...
Make the right decisions faster
Quickly review interviews

Make the right decisions faster

Watch prior interviews to avoid duplicative questions, and debrief asynchronously to make faster decisions.

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