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Kodiak automates and improves reference checks so you can hire confidently. With just a few clicks, get a complete view of your candidates’ skills for better evaluation and onboarding.

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No AI, algorithms, or buzzwords.
Actionable insights from real people that are easy to understand.
  • Save time

    No more scheduling and phone tag. Check references in 30 seconds.
  • Get better insights

    Empower managers with data to set up new hires for success.
  • Ensure compliance

    Thoughtful automation to reduce bias, built on I/O psychology best practices.

Past performance predicts future performance

Reference checks can be a pain, but they’re still the best way to evaluate past performance. Kodiak automates and improves the process, sending references a 5-minute survey to complete. The result is faster turnaround and better data to make decisions.

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    Improve quality of hire

    Replace qualitative reference call notes with actionable data about candidates.

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    Better, faster response rates

    References prefer the flexibility to answer a 5-minute survey on their own time.

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    Source passive talent

    References are an untapped source of qualified referrals. Use reference checks to build passive talent pipelines automatically.

Past performance predicts future performance

How it works

Kodiak collects valuable data about your candidates from their former managers and colleagues. Then we summarize everything for your hiring team in an easy-to-read “soft skill report card.”

For recruiters

Just a few clicks and we do the rest

Add your candidates’ names and emails, then sit back on autopilot.

For candidates and references

Fast, easy, and delightful to use

Built for speed, ease-of-use, and showcasing your employer brand.

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